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We believe that all of God’s children are created equal; that none of us are a head above – or below – our fellow. And that when we witness neighbors, friends or even complete strangers in a struggle, our duty is to step up and lift them back up.

We imagine a world in which compassion brushes away all differences. Where we aren’t judged as a book by its cover; namely, the hair on our heads – or lack thereof. We envision a community and neighborhood that roots for and supports those challenged.

Upcoming Events

Chol Hamoed Succos Fun!!

Join us for a pizza and ice cream Succos event.
Music,Dancing, face painting caricatures....
We will behaving a magic/comedy show

catered for all ages.

Thursday October 20th.
Event starts at 12pm

Magician at 2:00

Location: Young Israel of Bayswater
2716 Healy Avenue
Far Rockaway, NY 11691
Please RSVP:

At Hairoes, we believe in

living with confidence.

living with bravery.

living with understanding.


Founded in 2015, Hairoes has one mission:

to remove the stigma of alopecia in children and adults worldwide. As a community of alopecia families and supporters, Hairoes provides a network of resources, encouragement, and understanding to those affected by alopecia. We offer awareness-centered and supportive events that allow individuals with alopecia, their families, and their communities to live with heads held high.

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